Get to know The Bold Bevy

We are The Bold Bevy. We are not only an online retailer, but truly a community for women to find a tribe of girlfriends to love on them and build them up. 

This place is a life-long dream coming to life right before our eyes and we are so thankful you are here to experience it with us. First and foremost, we are Christians. God sets the path for everything we do in life and that is where this store and idea stems from. 

One of God's desires for us is companionship. He wants us to have friends who we laugh with, worship with, and grow with.  He also calls us to march boldly and share Him with the world. Those two principles lead to the creation of The Bold Bevy. We wanted to create a table that has enough chairs for everyone. We have always felt a calling to make people feel seen and loved. In this space we wanted to facilitate a way for women to realize that inner confidence that God bestows upon us. Clothing is an external piece to the puzzle that can help us walk out with confidence each day. 

We carefully select each piece we carry because we want you to feel your best when you walk out wearing it. So get on with it, pick out something that makes you feel amazing and get on out there sis! We are so dang pumped to add you to our bold bevy of beauties.