We're so happy to see you here!

Welcome to our slice of the internet. We know there are countless boutiques out there for you to shop at and somehow you stumbled upon ours. We are a women's online boutique and we just want you to feel as beautiful as you should. Take a look around, find something that makes you want to go out with the girls, or maybe just the school drop off line. Either way, wear it with confidence and let your light shine.

Our work is our passion

Shandie is the owner and buyer here at The Bold Bevy. Shandie has done a little bit of everything in her adult life but went to school for fashion merchandising and retail management with the goal of one day owning a boutique.

She is determined to find those women who love to dopamine dress, the ones who aren't scared to wear color, the ones who can't commit to one style personality, to the mamas who are finding themselves again post-partum, and to all those in between and be able to serve each in their own wonderful way.

She believes that every woman has a confidence down deep somewhere that God calls you to show to the world. She wants everyone to know they are ENOUGH. The clothing should just be the icing on top of the cake.